Thursday, September 11, 2008

BF2142 Hacks with Perfect No Spread


ABOUT: Our BF2142 Hack is by far the #1 rated hack for Battlefield 2142. The hack has perfect no spread allowing you to hit all your targets dead on center. You will not find any other hack that can touch our 2142 Hack! This hack is setup for ease of use, simply launch the hack and setup your aim button to start killing. This hack can also be used in pro tournaments and matches.

** Full Feature Listing **
Adjustable bone aim-
Bone Scan-
Adjustable knife bone aim-
Auto Knife-
Auto Pistol-
Full no-spread-
Adjustable FOV-
Target Selection-
Visibility Checks-
Smart Bounding Boxes-
Preferred Target Selection-
Target Skipping-
Two tone chams-
Walker/FAV chams-
Beacon chams- beacons. Find them at a glance.
Health bar when locked on target-
Name tags-
Mini-Map hack-
Mini-Map kit icons-
No Sky-
Adjustable Fog distance-
No Smoke-
Show FPS-
Show Ping-
Show Time-
Show Kills-
Visual Toggles-
No Post Production-
PK-Rocket auto distance setting
Aim Key-
Enemy Aim Warnings-
Snap Lines-
Target Threats-
Screen Shot Blocker-
Kill Sounds-

More features to come!!!
Sept 5 2008 - Additional features in planning stage
a. High drop prediction IE: Nade bot, tanks etc.
b. Spheres around mines, rdx and sentry guns

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